And now it’s Balie Atha Cliath

3.34am, Sunday 24th September, Drury Street, Dublin central, Ireland

‘Baile Atha Cliath’, what Dublin was known as in old Gaelic times, roughly translates as ‘the town of the hurdled ford’, and you’ll see it everywhere in conjunction with the city’s three castle coat of arms.

It’s nearly 4am, and this is the tough bit folks – that couple of days where you’re battling through the day 5 -9pm where your body says it’s the middle of the night, and you hit this hour of the morning when you’re wide awake – and the only other people awake are on their way home from a big night out. Weird, but part of the job.

So here we are in a rip roaring Dublin city, where things are currently traveling well. The weather’s nothing short of spectacular Indian summer sunshine, and “The Dubs” (the locals”) are happy. Last weekend their Dublin Blues won the GAA All Ireland Gaelic football final for 16 years, against old rivals Kerry. Gaelic football is not that far away from Australian rules football, and there’s an international game between the two countries coming up, once our Grand Final is played next weekend.

So Dublin is still covered in blue streamers, balloons and flags from that win, and in the pubs, they’re still replaying the Irish win over the Wallabies in the World Cup Rugby. In about two hours, the whole city will be in front of the TV again as the Irish roll on and play the Russians. If all goes well for the rest of the pool matches in this tournament, there’s no reason why Ireland shouldn’t get at least to the quarterfinals – and that will keep spirits flying high. Arthur’s Day Guinness bunting celebrating the anniversary of the famous black beer from last Thursday came down yesterday. It stopped much of the nation in a good way at 17.59 or 5.59pm to mark the 1759 establishment of the brewery, just another reason why Dublin seems to be in such a good mood at the moment.

And into this picture comes us, with a week of Yalumba events that started on Friday evening when we took two new wines in to show our good friends at Jaipur, and yesterday’s International Grenache Day celebrations at the Ely Bar & Brasserie down at Georges Quay.

I’ll get into that later, but for now, I’m going to leave you with the last photo from Friday night – our first night in town – out with the girls at McDaids pub, just off Grafton Street and opposite the Bruxelles cellar where the legendary Thin Lizzy used to play.

Welcome back to Dublin, and I don’t want to tempt fate in these fickle economic times, but folks have a very definite feeling that the good Yalumba times are going to roll!


2 responses to “And now it’s Balie Atha Cliath

  1. Meath 2-14 Dublin 1-12 .The result would be spoken as Meath two fourteen Dublin one twelve . The most successful county in the history of Gaelic football is Kerry with over 30 All Ireland wins followed by Dublin with over 20 wins.

    • Thanks for this – with any luck one of these days I’ll actually get along to an All Ireland final. Ive been lucky enough to get to some of the great sports arenas around the world – Melbourne Cricket Ground, Yankee Stadium, Stanford Bridge – and it would be nice to add Croke Park to that list.

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