Aaaaah! Hay fever!

10.28am, Monday 19th September, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley, SA

It’s nasty out there today, folks, with a belting hot northerly wind definitely the frontrunner of a storm that’s been brewing since the first weird purpley light this morning. I’m sitting here with itchy eyes and a nose running like a tap, suffering badly from hay fever, counting down the days until Thursday when I head for Ireland and the Northern Hemisphere autumn.


What I’ve got for you today is where the vine shoots are right now. First up, from Magnolia Road on the Valley Floor, is a shoot that’s quite advanced, showing what will develop as the flower, which then ‘sets’ and becomes the actual bunch of grapes.


Then I’ve found some vines which haven’t been pruned yet, and you can see that the buds toward the end of the cane take off first. Wasn’t keen to venture too far into the vineyards this morning as this first warm spell might just wake up our slithery King Brown friends, and I’d rather avoid them thanks!


Lastly, this gives you an idea of just how neat and tidy the Barossa looks this time of the year. Pruning sorted, rows mown, and everything starts over again toward Vintage 2012.

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