The best prawn cocktail in the world!

2.17pm, The Foreshore near the Sailing Club, Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

It’s turned into a pretty dismal squally old day here today, so I’ve decided to do the touristy stuff about town – starting with the Austar Seafood Warehouse – open to the general public. Freshly cooked king prawns from the Gulf, guaranteed to have come off the boats yesterday are all of $28 per kilo. So I’ve got half a kilo on ice, and bought some seafood sauce and a lemon, and headed for the bench down on the foreshore next to the Sailing Club – directly opposite the grain silos.

I’ve started shelling and de veining the prawns, and in no time at all, am surrounded by a bunch of marauding seagulls. They’re pretty game, and come right up to where I’m sitting to grab the heads, tails and shells – if I’m not careful, they’ll dive in and steal the cleaned meat as well!!

And here is the finished product – the best prawn cocktail anywhere in the world today!! It pays to get right into the local food when you travel, and if you don’t have fresh prawns when you’re in Port Lincoln, you’re missing out!!



7 responses to “The best prawn cocktail in the world!

  1. Yummo Jane, one of the best spots in South Australia, those prawns look very nice, go well with my glass of Christobels I reckon!

  2. Jane, Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin this year at the Corkscrew dinner – while you’re here, you’ll have to try the Dublin Bay prawns to compare them to the Port Lincoln ones. To make things more interesting ahead of the weekend, I’ll be happy to bring you an interesting bottle should Australia beat Ireland on Saturday. Travel safely & well. Ken

  3. Thanks Ken – looks like we’re changing venues for that Friday night to Olivier’s at The Schoolroom because we’ve got a good number of folks coming along! All I have to do is stay on two legs and turn up this year!! As far as the Ireland game tomorrow goes – it will be my pleasure to return the gesture should Ireland prevail. Ioane is out and O’Connor is hungry, but the Irish green machine is travelling well. Good luck and I’ll see ya in a week when it’s Dublin. jane

  4. Siobhan Worden (nee Rafferty)

    Hi Jane, commiserations on the rugby today however, we in reland are very happy with the outcome!! My brother Fintan Rafferty from Cairns (The Salt House), who speaks very highly of you, confirmed a booking for us at ‘La Maison’ Restaurant in Dublin on Fri 30-Sep which is part of your upcoming trip to Ireland. I just wanted to say a big thank you and let you know that we are really looking forward to the event.

    I have included my email address, please let me know if I need to do anything else prior to the event. IIn the meantime, wishing you a safe trip and looking forward to meeting you.

    Siobhan Worden

    • Hi Siobhan, thanks for getting in touch, and the restaurant has been changed for the Friday night 30th from La Maison to Olivier’s at The Schoolhouse, purely because theres been such an excellent response! It’s still in the La Maison group, and is at 2-8 Northumberland Ave, Ballsbridge. So it might be worth giving them a call on 1 667 5014 to find out what time the start is, and come in about half an hour earlier, so that we can catch up. Your brother runs a top operation in a picture postcard location on the Cairns Marina, and I promised that you’d have a good night out with us. See ya next week!

  5. Siobhan Worden (nee Rafferty)

    excellent, thank you Jane, I’ll give The Schoolhouse a call to double check the start time. looking forward to meeting you.


    • Good to see you at The Schoolhouse and glad you had a top night out. Thanks a huge amount for the book of poems – there is no doubt that the Irish have a lovely way with words. I will be catching up with your brother up in Cairns at the beginning of December, and with any luck will see you back in Ireland in July 2012 to do it all again! See ya when it’s your summertime.

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