Heading for Tuna Town

6.18pm, Friday 9th September, Gate 26, Adelaide Airport, South Australia

There are two weeks left before we start the first international job of the year – 6 weeks working our way around Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales talking all things Yalumba – so I thought it would be a good idea to have a quiet weekend away beforehand. So I’ve chosen Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula, famous around the world for pretty much two things … tuna, and being the favourite hangout spot for the Great White Pointer Sharks! No – I’m not doing the diving with sharks thing – for two reasons. 1. Too scary – check the many documentaries. Enough said! 2. Even scarier – the thought of me trying to get into a wetsuit! Do you know that when Ian Thorpe was in his Olympic swimming prime, it took about 20 minutes and a lot of baby powder to get him into those ‘fast suits’ that he swam in. And that would have been a worthwhile exercise as he had an amazing athletic physique. I on the other hand … do not! Also enough said!

I’ll be wandering along the foreshore getting my feet and knees into the therapeutic salt water and eating fresh prawns straight off the trawler by the kilo! I’ll also be taking the new IPad with me to give that a run and see if I can operate it away from the winery – as a bit of a trial run before taking it overseas.

So if a blog gets posted tomorrow from Port Lincoln, with a photo, that will be me graduating into the high techy world of IPad mastery. Wish me luck, and have a good weekend.

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