It’s budburst in the Barossa

3.19pm, Wednesday 7th September, Yalumba Clocktower, Eden Valley Road, Angaston, The Barossa

Just said goodbye to the folks from The Port Lincoln Hotel who have been visiting with us for the last couple of days. As we’ve been trundling around the Barossa, it’s clear that we’re right on budburst right now. The earlier varieties like Chardonnay have popped, with some of the shoots on the Barossa floor near Vine Vale up to 6 cm long already. Others are past wooly bud and ready to go. We’ve just finished pruning our Grenache at Vine Vale – as the buds were about to burst. This practice is to delay budburst by a couple of weeks, so that if there’s a late frost, we avoid it.

Here’s what things look like today from the older Grenache on our Vine Vale fence line (top) to Chardonnay across at the Vine Vale tennis club (bottom).



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