Good fog means no frost

4.35pm, Monday 29th August, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, The Barossa, 5353, South Australia

We had a foggy old start to the day this morning, but that’s a good thing really. Where there’s fog, there’s no frost. Driving around the valley floor yesterday, there were so many vines that had shoots on them – some out to 4 or 5 cm long already. The quince tree at the end of the street has well and truly shot, so I reckon it’s safe to call ‘bud burst’ for the early varieties on the Barossa Floor.

Ready to capture the clean heart of the still run

As far as my technical mastery of the iPad and uploading the video I took at the still house Saturday morning goes – total failure and back to the drawing board we go! I’ll have a go at walking first and putting up a photo of the still house set to go with the cans ready for the heads, heart and tails cuts – those sections that make up a distillation ‘run’. The heads are the spiky first bits that come across in the run, and the tails are the heavy oily bits that come across last.What you want is a nice clean, character-filled ‘heart’ of the run that will then go on to become 7-year -old, aged-in-barrel Smiths Whisky.

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