Rain in the Riverland – time to plant trees

4.05pm, Tuesday 23rd August, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, The Barossa, South Australia

The trees planted in 2007

Last week we had some of our US team at the winery, and they saw the lot! One day was put aside to explore the Oxford Landing vineyard and the 1500 acre revegetation project next door. I was up there about 12 months ago, so here’s the update. The trees planted in 2007 have taken off and are really well established.

Olivia plants away

Freddy and Marty have been waiting for the rain to set in to get stuck into the planting this season, so from the weekend before last it’s been flat out! Here’s our Oxford Landing brand manager Olivia doing the job – planting Eucalyptus Gracilis – a multi-trunk mallee tree that will grow to at least 6m.

The wee little plants

Here’s what the seedlings look like planted, which gives you an idea of how well the 2007 block has done.

The crew

Here’s our intrepid USA team players with the boys that run Oxford Landing – left to right – David (looks after California for us), Deirdre (the office engineroom who schedules all the incoming winemaker visits), Marty (the hands on vineyard man), Ailla (new mum and looks after Colorado), Diana (has put Oakland Heights on the map and looks after Flemings steakhouses and Whole Foods – to name 2), and Fred (OL vineyard manager)

Fashionable, eh?

And showing off the latest in Yalumba rain jackets, here’s Ailla, Deirdre and Michel – one of the top reps for our Chicago distributors Heritage – the day before at Menglers Hill lookout in The Barossa.

One response to “Rain in the Riverland – time to plant trees

  1. Hooray! We made the blog! Thank you for the kind words and wonderful pictures to capture our adventure. Just getting back & beginning the “catch up” so more to come, but this makes me wistful already. Miss you!

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