The gnocchi’s still fluffy at Andre’s in Adelaide

9.55am, Monday 22nd August, Yalumba Clocktower, Eden Valley Road, Angaston, SA

It’s a good day to finally get that washing out on the line, folks. The sun’s out and will be definitely staying that way all day. Trees are starting to blossom around the Valley, and folks are madly rushing to finish pruning the vines because budburst won’t be too far away now. I have a stack of catching up to do with respect to some of the interstate jobs we did a couple of weeks ago, but I have a couple of local things that I want to put up first.

We’ve had several of our USA area managers at the winery for a week, and it was their farewell dinner in Adelaide last Saturday night, so we took them to the hotter-than-hot Andre’s Cucina and polenta bar on Frome Street. I’ve already done a review of the sensational evening we had at Andre’s back in June – see the post for 26/6/2011 The Fluffy Gnocchi King – for the Yalumba Rare & Fine Dinner.

But we need to let you know that the gnocchi are fluffier than ever, and that’s across two flavours!

These days you need to book more than a week in advance to get in on a busy weekend evening, and it’s well worth a phone call to see if there’s any gnocchi on the list that day. If there is – reserve the serves!


We were lucky on Saturday night as the lovely front of house Rohan found a way to squeeze us into the room with about 80 other very happy, noisy, cosy diners. We had both fluffy gnocchi flavours and then just asked the boys in the kitchen to send out what they liked from the specials board – and that was our “Shareplate Goodbye Dinner” for our American colleagues. Here’s the gnocchi – one with a blue cheese and walnut sauce that had a bit of sting to it, the other with the sweeter tomato-based, slow braised goat kid ragu. Look … even the plates are great!

So folks – get along to Andre’s if you haven’t been already. They’re open from breakfast through dinner. You might have to take a perch at the long bench or the bar, but it will be well worth it, and it’s been a long long time in Adelaide since we’ve seen such passionate cooking and floor folks, a rowdy very happy dining room where folks are actually enjoying the food – not pushing it around the plate with a critical eye, and where you actually have to choose what you want from the board, not decide by process of elimination! Why? Because everything’s good!

Bombalini are the bomb!

And then, you can always tell the folks who have been here before, because they leave some space for ping pong ball sized Bombolini – banana sponge cake with a runny chocolate centre flash fried and sugar rolled! That’s pretty much all you need to say really! Besides the fact that the American team wanted to try and relocate Andre’s into downtown San Francisco!

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