Spring in the air and Elvis on my mind

8.38am, Wednesday 17th August, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley, SA

Morning folks, and I’m pleased to report we’ve got more and more rain here today in the Barossa – whilst it’s still the tail end of winter! Mind you, there’s a lot of almond blossoms popping, and some geraldton wax trees are in full bloom, so Spring must be just around the corner.

We have a group of our people from the USA visiting the winery this week – California Dave, Oakland Heights Di, Deirdre the Human Dynamo from Napa Central, and Ailla the Colorado Kid! Joining them we have some star sales reps from our distributors in Chicago – Michel and Jaqueline, and Baltimore – Emily. They’re on a very solid program that will have them seeing most of our winegrowing world in 5 days – and today’s roadtrip is the quick spin up the highway to Waikerie in the Riverland and the Oxford Landing vineyard. Yesterday it was the local Barossa area – here are the kids at Menglers Hill lookout, polishing off corn & chilli muffins for morning tea!

Also, I nearly missed one of the big days on my calendar yesterday – the 16th of August snuck up on me! This is the 34th anniversary of the death of the King of Rock & Roll – the one and only Elvis Presley. So even though we’ve slid across the international date line into August 17th, it’s still the 16th somewhere – so please make sure you play, hum, toe tap or dance to one of those famous songs at least once today!

And there is still the matter of those top jobs we did in Sydney, Canberra and Wagga Wagga recently. I think I’ll just write them up as restaurant reviews this week. So we’re back on the air folks, see you when we get back from the Riverland.

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