On to the nation’s capital – Canberra

7.58am, Thursday 11th August, Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney, New South Wales

And so we say see you later to the Harbour City on a perfect nippy Spring isn’t far away morning … and thanks very much! They’ve been very good to us this trip and I can’t thank the NSW team from Smiths enough. What a great time in your world from Wollongong to the City, from Newcastle & Merewether to Morrisset and back again – it’s been like catching up with the cousins!! In a very good way!! I have a stack of catching up to do, and don’t worry – the Sugaroom, Beaches Hotel & Bay Hotel stories will go up, just as soon as I can get there.

Right now I’m going to find some coffee, read the papers and wander down to gate 17 right down the end of the airport and get ready for the arctic blast that will be Canberra!! But I know it will be warm and cosy at the Canberra Food & Wine Club come lunchtime, and who knows what culinary delights they’re working on right now for our annual Yalumba Rare & Fine Members lunch. And will my favourite seismologist Harve be there?? I hope so. It’s my one chance each year to top up my knowledge banks on earthquakes etc. You never know when that stuff can come in handy!! See you when we’re in the nation’s chilly capital!!

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