‘El Loco’ in the Harbour City…..

5.10pm, Wednesday 10th August, Back at the corner of Bathurst & Kent streets, Sydney, New South Wales

OK we’re back in the big smoke folks, and I missed catching up yesterday because I struck a black communication spot up on the shores of Lake Maquarie. Now that I’m on my last day in Sydney, I’d heard that there was a genuine attempt at a Mexican taqueria in Sydney, so thinking late lunch, I went looking over in Surry Hills for El Loco. I found it out the back of the Excelsior Hotel, which is at around 64 Foveaux Street. The place is part kitchen, part bar, and part communal eating hall – wide open and plastered with ‘Day of the Dead’ graphics. There’s ‘fairground style’ strings of plain clear globes criss crossing the place, and the table cloths are all bright print – mostly fruit from cherries to oranges. There’s potted cactus plants everywhere – even in the used refried bean cans! And the food – I went with the Al Pastor Taco – soft tortilla wrapped around spit cooked pork pieces, some sort of pineapple based salsa with plenty of kick, spring onions, lime juice and a stack of cilantro (coriander to us in this part of the world) It did make me homesick for my favourite Taqueria in the world – ‘Pancho Villa’ up in San Francisco’s Mission District – so yes folks, El Lococ are seriously on the right track with the taco.

Then I tried the hot dog – a beef weiner made just for El Loco – and it was sitting in a ‘wondersoft’ fluffy bread bun topped with salsa, pickled jalapenos, cheese whip and shredded cheese. As you can see in the photo, there’s a mountain of that finely shredded cheese! You have to be careful not to inhale any when you take that big first bite!! I rate the dog highly, and will definitely be back! Especially on a top sunshiney Sydney day like today where sitting outside was a treat.

OK – better get changed and get to tonight’s job over in the banking district. See ya tomorrow.

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