Felled by the freight train flu!

3.28pm, Wednesday 27th July, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley, South Australia
OK folks – today we start on a bit of a medical tangent! What is roxithromycin? It is a ‘semi synthetic macrolide antibiotic’ that stops bacteria from doing nasty things to your body – specifically it treats respiratory tract infections. And I’ve been pumped full of those antibiotics for the past five days – flat on my back, felled by the vicious flu-like infection that is whizzing around the Barossa at present. So sorry for dropping off the air, and Air NZ Flight 792 went to Auckland without me last Friday for our Yalumba week in New Zealand.

We were in luck though, as young gun winemaker Andy La Nauze was home at the winery, and he has stepped in to the freezing conditions over there in the Land of the Long White Snow Cloud. Today he’s working in Auckland and has been at our office for lunch with the troops. Ali our engineroom over there organised a selection of cupcakes for dessert, knowing that the quest is always on to find the best fluffy sponge and buttercream creation in the world – and was good enough to send this photo of them through to me … so I didn’t completely miss out. I do like the look of the lemon meringue whip thing cupcake in the foreground!

The cupcakes Jane missed

Tonight will see Andy at First Glass Wine & Spirits at Takapuna for the annual Yalumba wine lovefest catchup with the seriously staunch customers of that store – and their NZ Wine Options Team lynchpin / store owner Kingsley “I know you like me, Ferrari” Wood! It is always a huge night over on the Auckland northside, and this year will be no different. There are 12 wines on for tasting – degustation style – and I have no doubt that they will have a blast with Andy. So I will keep up to date with how they’re travelling over there, and meanwhile at home I’ll be getting set to go to Sydney next Monday for two weeks of events through the city, the suburbs, out to Wollongong, Newcastle, Lake Maquarie – finishing in Canberra and Wagga Wagga.

Good luck with it all, Andy, and don’t get roped in to too many bets on the World Cup outcome! My early tip? Australia v England in the final. Call me nuts but I like those two backlines!

4 responses to “Felled by the freight train flu!

  1. Jane, we miss you tonight! Andrew is quite funny but not as funny as you!

    Also he’s not giving away Yalumba beanies tonight. We are still waiting for ours fromyou! 😉

    Hope you feel better soon xxx and see you next year!

  2. Andy La Nauze

    Hey Ferrari, glad to hear your back on deck. The folks in NZ have been fantastic – they even laughed at a joke or two! Many thanks to Kingsley and team at First Glass for a top night. 08 FDR1a was a stand out in the tasting,

  3. Hi Shuk – well, I’m so pleased that Andy could be there!! The way I’ve been feeling – like a jigsaw puzzle being shaken in the box – I would have been usless anywhere near the general public!! And with any luck, I’ll see you in 2012 – maybe in the first part of the year when it’s not so Wintery. Thanks a huge amount for coming out to First Glass though, and consider it a big let off for Kingsley – I’ll be primed with very sharp material and a top bagful of wines next trip! See Ya when I’ve got beanies to distribute!!

  4. Andy: We laughed at more than two jokes, am pretty sure! Hope you enjoyed your time in NZ. Perhaps you and Jane can do doubles act and come next year! Agree that 08 FDR1 is top of the class – went home with 1/2 a case that night and uncorked one the following night 🙂

    Jane: Best to rest and not to spread your (love)sickness to us! hahahaa yes, make a date early 2012 to catch some summer rays. Can’t wait til your next session at First Glass! Hopefully I will eventually get to Barossa sometime next year 😉

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