And Matt Moran dropped in …

8.01am, Saturday 15th July, Same place and time, Perth
Wow! These internet kiosk coin units are vicious! When the money runs out, the time just stops dead – nearly lost that whole section below, and just got the turkey kransky sentence in. But seriously folks, we sent a stack of people over to their little kitchen, recommending they have the turkey sausage with our 2011 Sauvignon Blanc as a benchmark for their day grazing around the event – how stellar food and wine flavours can be when the original produce is so red hot!

Matt Moran

And then during our afternoon food matching masterclass, where each of the sixOxford Landing wines were set up with the matching Poh and Marian dishes, we had Matt Moran drop in to talk about what’s happening in his food world – which is a lot! He’s going back to where he started in Sydney, adding a new restaurant to the fold – with its own produce garden – in the middle of Paddington with Pruniere’s. There’s also a new book, “Dinner at Matt’s”, coming out in October with recipes for the sort of food he does for friends at home. Here he is signing after the session – lovely bloke up close gals … and his chat capped a top day in the Oxford Landing boatshed for us .

Now we get to do it all again today!

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