Back to Perth for The Good Food & Wine Show

11.15am, Thursday 13th July, Gate 22, Adelaide Airport amongst a stack of road and building works!
It’s a lovely clear day, and Adelaide Airport is overrun with ‘little people’! No, not an Irish leprechaun convention – it’s school holidays, and there are kids of all shapes and sizes everywhere! I’m off to Perth to talk all things Oxford Landing with winemaker Matt Zadow, PR queen Pip Hoare, and viticulturalist Adam Hall. Should be a top weekend, as we’re working with some stellar chefs – Marian Grasby and Matt Moran for starters – plus we’ll have an excellent opportunity to have a good look at the WA produce on show. Then, if we get a bit of spare time, there’s also the AC/DC exhibition on at the Perth Museum – seeing as legendary original lead singer Bon Scott was a West Australian boy. So we’re heading west with a full agenda, and I’ll let you know how we go.

PS When I get back, I’ll fill you in on another hole in the wall eatery I’ve found on one of my rare trips to Adelaide. It’s a Korean version of a sushi train, and not only is it fab flavourwise – it’s a seriously healthy way to eat.

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