Lunch with ‘the boys’ at The Saracen’s Head Tavern

4.41pm, Thursday 23rd June, Carrington Street, Downtown Adelaide, South Australia
Howdy folks, I should write up our sensational first Yalumba night at Andre’s Cucina in Frome Street – Adelaide City – but that’s going to have to wait just a tad longer. I want to put today’s lunch up first – for the girls!

All of you who work in all parts of the business – outside, inside, technical, winemaking, viti, accounting, bottling, overseas in the Harpenden and Napa offices – this one today is for you!

I can hardly call looking after today’s businessman’s lunch group ‘a job’. Picture this. A private dining room in the very sharp Saracen’s Head – in the business end of town. Inside the private dining room is me, our Yalumba sales leader in Adelaide, Pete Allert, and 13 – YES 13 – of THE most attractive business blokes in the city of Adelaide. I had a job keeping the presentation professional, because it is a huge distraction when a technical question is being asked by a boy who could quite easily be the romantic lead on half a dozen TV shows. But we got there! Have a look at this picture girls, and you tell me. On a day like today – it’s very easy to love the job!

Jane and the boys

Just in case you were interested, the food that the Saracen’s kitchen put with the Rare & Fines was pretty solid. Firstly, according to them, the prawn cocktail isn’t having a comeback … it never went away! Here’s some very big swimmers with citrus, shaved greens and a mayo sauce in a proper martini glass – with the 2008 Virgilius Viognier.

The prawn cocktail

And for the 2006 Signature solid-wall-of-fruit-coffee-mocha Cabernet Shiraz – it was the big top ribeye, mine was ‘very well done’, and you have to love the spinach on the side – makes you feel good and healthy just looking at it.

The ribeye

What a lovely way to introduce our top drops to the cream of the travel, banking, real estate and legal boys in town. If this is working … I’ll take more of it!

Have to leave it there, as I’m off to the last dinner in this block of work – down at HWY. I’ll catch up Andre’s tomorrow because there’s the best kept secret in Adelaide right now – open just on 12 months and doing wonderful food things.

2 responses to “Lunch with ‘the boys’ at The Saracen’s Head Tavern

  1. robert hill-smith

    tough day at the office ferrari !!!
    that ribeye makes my home made pastie look apologetic !
    anyway lots of ideas for 2012 !

  2. Chief – if every day at the office was like this one, with this sort of ‘scenery’……I’d work 7 days a week!


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