Old School Metropolitan Hotel, Adelaide City Centre

4.08pm, Wednesday 22nd June, Arkaba Tower, Fullarton Road, Adelaide, South Australia
I don’t get a great deal of opportunity to spend much time in Adelaide, so trundling around the local trade today with our man in Adelaide, the Eyre Peninsula and The Barossa – Daddsy – has been a treat. We’ve just had lunch in the city in a teriffic spot that I have walked past a hundred times over the years – going into and out of The Central Market over the road. It’s The Hotel Metropolitan est 1883 in Grote Street, on the next corner along from Her Majesty’s Theatre. Why I’ve not gone into the pub before now, I’ll never know. Come on in … there’s no pokies, no brass and glass or polished stainless steel renovations, no diva attitude – just a seriously memorable menu, great local wine and beer list, and really comfortable bar stools and lounges. Oh yes … and a stack of happy chatting folks sitting down for lunch or having a lunchtime schooner. Remember when you could go into a pub and hear your offsider’s conversation? Well they’re keeping that old tradition alive in The Metropolitan – no doof doof background noise here!

We had lunch with one of the three current publicans – Matt. Of the other two – Damien is the chef so he was in the kitchen, and Damian was out of town. Even though the menu is really hot, and you have to choose something, not just have what’s left after the process of elimination of the non really interesting things – we didn’t get off the ‘lunch specials’ board.

The Metropolitan's sausages

Both boys went with ‘Country pork sausages, creamy potato mash, onion gravy and tomato relish’ and a couple of glasses of the 2008 Scribbler Cabernet Shiraz.

… and the chicken

I went with the healthy option ‘Chicken and soybean stirfry’ overloaded with edamame beans, caramelised onion and tender chunks of chicken soaked in soy and garlic first.

Yum! The old school Metropolitan pub tucker is a big winner with me!

Just for fun, I’ve lifted a couple of things from the ‘Small Plates’ menu to give you an idea of how it all works : ‘ in house made duck and shitake mushroom spring rolls with chilli soy dipping sauce’, ‘Coopers ale battered anchovies with lemon & lime aoli’, and the ‘soya bean and sweet corn fish cakes with sweet chilli dipping sauce’. Lets have Bush Vine Grenache, Y Vermentino and Pewsey Vale Riesling respectively with those three tasty moments!

And let’s not forget one of the hardest things to find done well these days – ‘Grilled steak sandwich with bacon, tomato chutney, onion jam, cheese and chips’. That will be me for next time, which won’t be a long time from today. But don’t just take my word for it. Drop in at The Metropolitan next time you’re in town or at The Market, tell them we sent you, shake off the iPhone and internet and Twitter and Facebook for a while, have a chat, have something to eat, and have a glass of something winey that you haven’t tried before. I guarantee you all will go well! And there’s every chance you’ll run into me.

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