Rare & Fine triple header kicks off

Nice place for a masterclass!

5.10pm, Tuesday 21st June, Arkaba Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia
Just about to head into town for the first in a triple header of Rare & Fine dinners for Adelaide. Tonight we’re at Auge, tomorrow night Andre’s Cucina, and Thursday night out to HWY on Anzac Highway. It’s cold, wet and windy, so let’s hope the chefs have gone for old fashioned winter food to go with our reds. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it all goes.

PS We did a masterclass this morning at one of cricket’s most famous addresses. Check the photo out and see if you can place it!

One response to “Rare & Fine triple header kicks off

  1. robert hill-smith

    I hope Andre’s Cucina was a blast. The truth is the customer diversity across the trifecta must be fascinating. Good luck at the Highway and yes I can see myself on the mound with a Signature near Richie B. just after church ! Rich loves the Sig.

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