At Gate 50 and heading for Port Lincoln

7.04am, Friday 17th June, Adelaide Airport Gate 50, Adelaide , South Australia, Great Southern Land
Morning folks – I could have driven down from the Barossa without the lights on this morning, because the full moon was so bright. Another early start, because today Daddsy and I are off to Port Lincoln – Tuna Town – on the Eyre Peninsula, to do our first ever Yalumba Rare & Fine Dinner over there. We’re going to be working with Di Williams and the crew at The Port Lincoln Hotel – at the invitation of one of the owners – Mark Riccuito. Yep – that’s the same Mark Riccuito that was just inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame, along with James Hird, Michael Voss and Nathan Buckley. However, if you cut their picture off the back of The Advertiser last week, you would have seen that not only did ‘Roo’ have the best-cut suit – very sharp – of all the boys, but he also had the best haircut and beard combo. Without a doubt, he’s pulled up easily the best looking option of that champion group of footy legends.

So it will only be a quick overnight trip – no cage diving with scary white pointer sharks or any other local touristy things – and I’ll let you know how we go. Have a good weekend, and I’ll see you when we’re back in the Barossa.

PS I didn’t even know there was a Gate 50 at Adelaide Airport. It’s a big hike right down to the end of the terminal, so I’d best start walking now!

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