Toowoomba – The Garden City – Goodbye!

6.54am, Platinum Motel, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

The Spotted Cow's spotted cow

It is chilly up here this morning, folks, and we’ll soon be heading south for New South Wales with one of the Beefcake Brothers – Steele – to meet up with the other – Frosty – and then we’ll be in Grafton tonight for our first Yalumba wine dinner in that town. Last night’s dinner and tasting at The Spotted Cow went so quickly that I forgot to take pictures of the food! I did get one before anyone arrived of the actual ‘spotted cow’ that sits in the front of the dining room – at least you get a bit of an idea of the place. Anything that the Coorey family do- they do well – and I’m just sorry that I don’t have pictures of the ‘Confit of organic salmon with scallops served with saffron infused mascarpone and fresh pomegranate’ and the ‘Slow cooked darling Downs venison shanks with mash and poivrade sauce’ and the ‘Orange and poppyseed syrup cake served with King Island Cream’.

In a nutshell, we looked at all the big guns down in the lounge before dinner where we worked through tasting each of the 2008 Virgilius, 2007 Menzies, 2006 Octavius, 2006 Signature, and 2004 The Reserve – with an explanation of each and questions – along with a detailed description of the 2011 Barossa vintage and how we fared amongst it all. Then up to the dining room and dinner, where each course was served with two of the ‘little brother and little sister ‘ wines to the big guns.

So the salmon with the 2008 Wild Ferment Chardonnay and 2009 Eden Valley Viognier – with the Viognier cutting through the salmon like a hot knife – in a good way! The way the dish was listed on the menu belied the way it was on the plate – the beatifully confit fish was just crusted under the grill and sat on an Asian coleslaw laced with fresh pomegranate. Lovely stuff with those two aromatic middleweights.

Oh oh – it’s 7.27am and Steele wants to hit the road at 7.30! I have to leave it there, but will finish The Spotted Cow story when we get to Grafton. See ya when we’re downstairs and on the NSW flats!

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