Meanwhile, back in Mackay … an Indian moment

9.31am, Spence Street internet cafe, cairns, FNQ
Now I want to scoot back down to MACKAY and last TUESDAY 24th MAY.

We actually had the whole day and evening in town this trip, so we got around and visited a lot more of our Yalumba supporters in and around Mackay. I want to give a special mention to “Spice n Flavor – exotic Indian cuisine” that has opened recently. Besides having the BEST butter chicken I’ve had in the country, they do two other dishes that love our 2008 Scribbler Cabernet Shiraz (little brother to our Signature from 2008)

First up is one of the “to begin” plates – ‘Masala lamb chops’ – thinly sliced lamb loin chops marinated in yoghurt with cumin, cardomom and lime juice, then grilled in the tandoor and served with a yoghurt cumin paste.

Masala lamb chops

The other one you need to try with this cruiserweight (I’m so into the boxing now, but the terms are so appropriate – cruiserweight is taller, leaner and the best balanced of the boxing classes) fruit basket is one of the main courses – ‘Chicken Chettinad’ – an authentic South Indian pepper chicken fillet tossed in gravy with fresh curry leaves, mustard, coconut milk and crushed black pepper.

See! The boys make it easy at Spice n Flavor by filling the main wall of the restaurant with photos of all the spices used in their cooking with descriptions of their resultant aromas and flavours – plus the medicinal benefits of each. If you’re in Mackay – you should definitely drop in.

OK – where does the time go! I have to head off to talk to local well-informed wine man Wazza on the radio, then we have a private tasting over at Salthouse – so I’ll pick this up this evening.

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