Cairns fruit market breakfast – #1 way to start another perfect day!

8.04am, Friday 27th May, Spence Street internet cafe, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia
OK folks – I’m completely won over! Now I understand why people come north for the winter. Cool mornings and evenings and clear warm days without any humidity at all. It’s just wonderful, and this morning I’ve just wandered across the road to the Friday morning fruit and veg market – in a T-shirt, shorts and thongs mind you – because if you’re up here in the tropics, you should really have a fresh tropical fruit breakfast if it’s laid on like this. Here we go:

Where am I if you can buy pineapples off the pallett for $2.50 each?

I must be in ...

These are a relation to lychees – you peel the brown husk and eat them like sweet gelatinous grapes that taste of perfume as well – that’s the tropics.

Like sweet gelatinous grapes

This is dragonfruit – kind of like prickly pears and from a climbing cactus. It’s supposed to taste like a cross between strawberries and kiwifruit. I’ll let you know.

What does dragonfruit taste like?

And the bargain of the day: 5 local passionfruit the size of small oranges for $2. They’re in the fridge for later – right now I’m just ploughing through a ripe ladyfinger banana for 45 cents! You just cannot go wrong!

I have to get another intercard, then I’ll be back with the Mackay and Cairns catchups – and yesterday’s day in the sun up at Salsa – Port Douglas. Hang on!

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