Mackay magic night

7.47am, Windmill Motel computer, Bruce Highway, Mackay, Tropical North Queensland, Australia
I’ve got the gritty eyes this morning folks as it was a very late one last night – back at Burp (that’s a hotspot restaurant, folks, not me) to show off the new Rare & Fine wines in Mackay with the fabulous Connors Clan and Beau – the new chef in charge. I would add more, but I’ve got a cab due in 10 minutes to get me to the airport – I’m getting an aeroplane ride up to Cairns to do the whole thing again up there – and Port Douglas, and Palm Cove. But I’ll fill in all the gaps when I get there I promise.

And for now – this is what life’s like up here – what a difference a couple of days make. The sun’s been out for two days, cool mornings and evenings, and this sort of thing  taken from the verandah of the old Eimeo Pacific Hotel, looking at Hayman Island. (Editor’s note: While Jane is winging her way further north, the photo is winging its way south to us. Coming soon.)

See ya when I’m a little further north (nice line, Graeme Connors!).

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