3:30am – early morning or middle of the night?

4.37am, Friday 20th May 2011, Gate 4 , Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, Victoria
Morning, folks – I’d forgotten what these early morning flights were like. You get to see the great cities of the world at 4am in the morning when you’re on the 6am red eye to anywhere. And for the record: I reckon 3.30am when you have to get up is not the morning – it’s still the middle of the night!

So watch out Tropical North Queensland – we’re on our way. But firstly it’s a big thanks very much to Scott and his chef Julian at The Courthouse Hotel in North Melbourne and the 45 people who packed out our wine dinner upstairs – what a tremendous way to finish our week in Melbourne. I will have a chance a bit later today and again tomorrow to catch you up on the details – and it’s worth a read believe me. There’s always been a sensational food and wine heart beating away in Melbourne – and this last week we’ve been right amongst it all. Thanks Mighty Melbourne branch and have a great weekend.

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