Last day in Melbourne for now

4.57pm, Thursday 19th May 2011, Russell Street 24 hour internet cafe, Melbourne, Victoria
Another busy one in the cultural capital of Australia – yep that’s Melbourne. Just come in from a trade lunch and tasting for a quick change into a clean dress shirt and we’ll be off to the last event for this visit – dinner at The Courthouse Hotel up in North Melbourne. What a week! We’ve certainly covered some ground, and tomorrow it’s the 6am flight for me up to Brisbane, followed by the connector to Townsville. Big day in Tropical North Queensland then the day off on Saturday. Yay! I was thinking about the jet ski day trip doing the whole coastline of Magnetic Island – but then again – might just flake it in front of the TV with a movie – maybe “The King’s Voice” I reckon. That might be the way to go actually.

Any rate – just wanted to check in and let you know that photos are on the way, plus I’ll be catching up TUESDAY NIGHT at the SHANGHAI DYNASTY , and WEDNESDAY LUNCH at the CHESTER WHITE BISTRO in HAWTHORN – plus what we did today – LUNCH at STRATUS 233 in ASCOT VALE. See ya in a bit.

2 responses to “Last day in Melbourne for now

  1. Was lucky enough to be at the Courthouse on the 19th to hear your tales and listen to you speak about the wines and the Winery. Very entertaining evening really enjoyed myself. But thats not the best part, I’m still getting plenty of mileage out of re-telling your stories especially how you got started in the first place. Enjoy your travels, Go Saints, we finally had a win on the weekend against the Dee’s – Paul

  2. Thanks Paul – I thought the Courthouse was a nice way to leave town as well. That baked parmesan cream thing with the 2006 Octavius was the most innovative ‘cheese with red wine’ combo I’ve ever seen. And hey – if you boys are ever working in Adelaide – don’t forget to let me know. That offer of the access all areas tour of Yalumba has no ‘use by’ date! See ya when the Saints are back firing on more than 3 cylinders!!

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