St Kilda FC season officially in big trouble!

11.30am, Monday 16th May, Russell Street 24 hour internet cafe (I’ll be getting my own terminal here soon!), Melbourne, Victoria
Morning folks, just a quick check-in to register my deep disappointment in my football club – St Kilda. Our season is officially in tatters after yesterday’s game. They absolutely powerhouse won the first quarter against Hawthorn, then proceeded to forget to turn up for the following three quarters. You can’t do that and win, so there was no “When the Saints go marching in” winning team song booming out around Melbourne’s great temple of sport – the MCG – after the game. In fact, I had to sit through the double tragedy of not only losing the game, but being with a group of the Hawthorn diehard supporters doing it! Yep – as luck would have it, one of the blokes at the lunch last Friday turned out to be on the Hawthorn FC committee and asked me along to their group lunch at the game. Seeing as it was freezing and every chance of rain – I thought “What a lovely idea”. It would have been if we hadn’t got thrashed! So to Pete and Andrew who were on our table and also St Kilda supporters, we’re officially into a ‘rebuilding phase’, and let’s bring on the talented youngsters – especially that Aaron Siposs (number 2 for St Kilda – keep an eye on him, definitely a big start of the future).

As for today – the big event is 150 people for dinner at The Melbourne University Uni House. I’m bringing out the big gun for this one – had the Sarah-Palin-lookalike red jacket/black skirt power twin set dry cleaned, and we’re going to get amongst it tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes!

One response to “St Kilda FC season officially in big trouble!

  1. Kenneth W McKersie

    More Saint blood than most. Zac Dawson can be the Key to more success for this Club. At the moment he really has no self-belief. He may appear laid back and confident. He is in denial. His actions on the field signify his need to be a tough guy, but he is cheating, himself and his football Club. Build Him up. Lap Work, Sprint Work, Weights, Steak and Eggs all the week. When He looks like a footballer, get a Professional to look inside his head. I loved Bob Murry. No. 6 Jumper deserves better. Good luck Zac. Mongoose.

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