Down the lazy river …

2.59pm, Monday 9th May 2011, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley, The Barossa
Last week it was all about the stack of visitors to the winery; this week I’m up to my ears in schedules – as we’re about to get under way with the national domestic Rare & Fine release. I have a first section great run on the drawing board starting this Thursday – three weeks split between Melbourne, Tropical Queensland, Toowoomba and Grafton.

So with some fairly intense days behind us and more coming up, I thought the best bet would be to head for the river on the weekend. We’re lucky in the Barossa that we have several really nice spots on the Murray River that aren’t a big drive. 40 minutes from Angaston will get you to Swan Reach and the (free) punt across to the cliff side, where you’ll find the Swan Reach Hotel perched in the river red gum treetops, with a lovely view up and down stream. An excellent spot to just prop and watch the traffic. Or lack of it. The Hotel started life as a sheep sation back in the early 1800s, and the original homestead layout is still within the building today. If you’re into curio items, check out the shell of the Murray River Freshwater Lobster mounted on the wall in the front bar. These things are rarely caught, and have huge nasty curved spines on their back, so are a handful if you’re ever near a live one – something I’ve only ever done once. ***I’m not talking about really big yabbies here – this is the genuine albino looking spiny big flat long clawed lobster.

So here’s the punt at Swan Reach – check out the flooded access jetty in the bottom of the picture – this is the widest I’ve seen the river there, and it’s just dropped about 3 feet.

The punt at Swan Reach

With respect to our Rare & Fine tour, Tony has done a great job putting links to most of the venues / events involved in the Dates section of the blog, so you can see what we’re doing in your part of the country. Also, we’ve got some dates coming for New Zealand in July, and have just been given the green light for our Ireland / England/ Scotland tour in September and October this year. So as soon as they’re sorted, they will go up as well.


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