Vintage Festival Float Parade Day

9.44am, Saturday 30th April, Yalumba
Just a flying stop by the office to grab the camera and a set of the Single Site wines – showing them today to a wine collector from Texas and a group of his Barossa-interested friends – but don’t worry, I’ll be back later with the full rundown from yesaterday’s Legends Lunch at St Hallett. What a day out. If someone has come to the Vintage Festival this year and not had a top time as well as far too much value for money – then they’re far too hard to please!

It’s a bit drizzly for the float parade this morning, but seeing as official start time isn’t till 11am, hopefully it will lift. I’m off to the float marshalling area to try and get some photos of our troops on the Yalumba 50 Years of Signature truck – hopefully not too soggy already.

PS I ran into Di Koch down the street yesterday morning, and they were picking their Muscat Rouge for us – officially the last fruit for the 2011 vintage.

One response to “Vintage Festival Float Parade Day

  1. Rhonda Sexton

    I would have loved to have been there, I certainly wont miss it next time, or maybe I will if the next one is 100 years of signature.

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