We’re on Vintage Festival time!

8.18am, Wednesday 27th April, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley

A work of art

We’re back from the Easter break folks – kilos heavier from far too many hot cross buns with butter and homemade dried apricot jam – and we’re into the Barossa Vintage Festival program now with a vengeance. The weather has been sensational, in a word – blinding blue skies and 26 degrees for the past three days and by the forecast continuing right through to Friday. Now here’s the raspberry and choc chip (Cadbury choc actually!) Easter buns I was talking about last week. Are they not a work of culinary art?

And for the scarecrow scrapbook – here’s the ‘swinging school girl’ from the front lawn here at Yalumba (above), and Pindarie’s sheep-crows from out on Gomersal Road. They were a bigger group, but as you can see two of them were ‘lifted’ and we hope to see them back soon.

Now I have heaps to catch you all up on, but I have to fly right now, as I have a group of trade folks from Queensland about to arrive. I’m showing them around the big Vintage Festival thing that we do – the Harvest Market At Yalumba. I’ll put up the photo story for you as it will be the easiest way to explain this fabulous event.

But for starters – here’s the crew from Blond Coffee – they’ve put a skeleton crew up here at the winery for two days whilst their home base cafe is flat out down in the Angaston Main Street – and this is how most folk are starting their morning right now.

See ya a bit later!

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