Clear skies and scarecrows in the air

9.14am, Monday 18th April, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley, The Barossa
Morning folks, and a nice clear sky, crispy cold, hot air balloons up over the Barossa morning it is. It’s very bright and breezy down at the weighbridge, as we see pretty much the end of the Barossa floor fruit with a bit of Grenache, everything else now from the cooler high country of the Eden Valley. There’s some Mataro from out Moculta way, and some Shiraz from Wilton – which is a tiny hamlet out on Flaxman’s Valley Road with a legendary dance hall. Once upon a time you couldn’t have an open container of alcohol within 200 yards of the dance, so the old cars were parked exactly that in all directions!

Also in today are the individually hand harvested lots of the clonal Viognier plantings up on the Hill Smith Estate slopes opposite Heggies Vineyard. There are 7 clones represented at present – mostly selected at the invitation of the owners from what is considered to be the better Condrieu vineyards, with the vines between 4 and 8 years of age. The fruit from each separate planting is weighed off and fermented separately, with these ‘clonal highlights’ eventually ending up in either the Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier or the ‘big sister’ Yalumba Virgilius.

Plus we’ve seen a whole swarm of scarecrows pop up around the Barossa over the weekend like mushrooms. The judges are going to have a job this year picking the winner. Here’s a few from down the main street of Tanunda – the grape pickers and the family, and the happy married couple from the Tanunda Bakery – obviously just picked up their cake!

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