Rockin’ and Fermentin’ Around the Clock

10.20am, Tuesday 12th April, Yalumba Weighbridge, Angaston, Eden Valley

Standing guard

Morning folks – and before I get started, today is a big anniversary date in rock ‘n’ roll – on this day in 1954 Bill Haley & The Comets released “Rock Around The Clock”, and blazed a trail for a whole new style of music. So have a bit of a twist and shimmy at some stage – I know you know the words to that song! – it’ll lift your day.

Now it looks like we’ve chased the rain away and are set for a similar week to the last one – really cold nights and clear days. So the harvesting kicks into high gear again. The end of the Barossa floor fruit has to be close. Last night the old bush vine Grenache from out at the Moppa block came in – that’s gone into the Single Site Grenache the last couple of years – and we’ll see how raspberry the fruit is once that ferment gets away. There’s some Mataro just gone over the weighbridge from out Kalimna way that looks good as fruit; and there’s some Grenache due in later from down at Lyndoch, some from behind Tanunda, and another lot from out at Light Pass. That must make it close to finished for that variety.

We’ve made Tuesday morning tea my shout, which means I bring along three cappuccinos from Blond for Ninian, Linda & Juliette at the Grape Lab – and something in the sticky bun line from Sunrise Bakery in Angaston. Today it was blueberry yeast swirl – still warm from the oven.

Just as I arrived, so did some Cabernet Sauvignon from out toward Moculta, therefore classified Eden Valley fruit. I’ve taken this picture of a bin at random to show just how cleanly a machine harvester can work when it’s set up properly, and the fruit is ripe enough to come off well. I’ll follow that lot through as well and see how the ferment comes up once that gets going.

Clean Cabernet

Tonight it looks like we start in on the Eden Valley Shiraz, with a block from out near Wilton on Goldfields Road – so that will get interesting as well – to see how that cooler area fruit has fared.

Oh, and more scarecrows are starting to pop up all over the Valley – only 11 days to go until the Barossa Vintage Festival gets under way, including the scarecrow competition judging – that gal above stands in an olive grove behind Angaston.

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