Viognier on the vine

3.39pm, Tuesday 5th April, Yalumba Weighbridge, Angaston, Eden Valley, The Barossa
Absolutely a beehive of activity every day at the weighbridge, and today we’ve got more Barossa Floor Shiraz coming in – some more from out Moppa way, as well as the end of the pick for Hedley Habermann (just below Mengler’s Hill) with this last load going 13.8 baume, which is not bad at all. The Grenache from Yalumba’s own Nursery vineyard down at Vine Vale (that we saw being hand picked yesterday) is in, and the Viognier from the old Vaughan’s block up toward the Angaston quarry was also hand picked today. This block has been part of Yalumba’s Eden Valley Viognier label for years, and of late, has made the step up to Virgilius.

Here’s the crew working through this old block – the vine rows that are running up and down the slope.

Hand picking Viognier on the old Vaughan block

Here are the bucket loads coming into the shallow bins – must be ripe – the bees like it!

A happy bee

And this is your ripe viognier bunches, where the fruit is so ripe that the skins soften up to a point where the berries are almost teardrop shape, and slightly raisined. When the fruit is this ripe – that’s when the apricot and honey notes kick in.

Note the slight "raisining" of the berries as Viognier ripens

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