Our FNQ Folk Hammered Again … Cyclone Yasi’s Coming!

9.51am, Wednesday 2nd February, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley, The Barossa
Every window would have been open in Angaston last night as a cool change swung in from the south early last night. As we come out from trying to avoid 40 degree heat, the folks in Far North Queensland are going into hiding from a very nasty piece of category 5 storm front – Cyclone Yasi. He’s expected to land on the coast tonight, affecting a huge piece of country – from Cape Melville in the north through Mackay in the south and inland to Mt Isa. Going back to the floods up that way a couple of weeks ago, our man Jason in Townsville said that the last thing they needed was for a cyclone to come through afterwards with everything being so soggy. It would literally lift the town and spin it on its hinges! And now this thing is about to land this evening – bigger than either Cyclone Larry or Tracy. Those folks are just not getting a break! However, we’ll be there to help mop up whatever happens – they just need to stay safe. So spare a thought for all of those amazing places up that way that have supported our wines – like Salsa and the Sea Temple in Port Douglas; like just about everyone in Cairns; like The Watermark, Brothers Leagues, Vine 21, and A Touch of Salt in Townsville; the folks at the Hamilton Island Yacht Club – like our people Benny and Damien in Cairns and Jason in Townsville – with their families they’re locking down and getting set to hang on!

I spoke to our bloke Craig in Mackay this morning, and they’ve had so much rain of late that even 80 km per hour winds will lift the trees up and out – it’s just so sodden and there’s nothing to hold them in! But they’re ready and sorted to keep on keeping on – they certainly breed them resilient up that way and we love em! Good luck.

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