The “Vermentino & Sardines” Roadshow Rolls on … to Melbourne

3.25pm, Monday 24th January 2011, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley

The proof is in the sardines - and the Vermentino

Folks – here’s the proof! The second event in the “V & S” roadshow has gone very well in Melbourne. Here are the snack size pieces of sardines straight from the char grill at Grossi’s Merchant restaurant in Melbourne – with the Running With Bulls Vermentino. And by the way – that’s a very arty shot thanks to Sam “Our V Man winemaker on the spot” Wigan. I’ll get all the detail from the live cross on the phone to Sam later tonight after the second leg of today’s “V & S” event – where they will be moving up to Grossi Florentino for the whiz bang combo of the sardines wrapped in speck and stuffed with breadcrumbs that will go with your choice of Vermentino in the glass.

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