Vermentino & Sardines …. Are GO!

7.57pm, Friday 21st January 2011, set up in front of Zuma cafe, Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide in the midst of Tour Down Under fever, South Australia

Lovin' sardines & vermentino

Folks – this is our first live cross on location by phone blog. Our Sam “The V Man” Wigan and Olivia Barrie have been down at The Central Market in the heart of Adelaide with the first of the Max Allen inspired “Vermentino & Sardines … The Musical”” events. Sam and Olivia have been pouring tastes of chilly 2010 Yalumba Vermentino, and Matt Goodlet – the chef from the Sparrow Kitchen & Bar in North Adelaide – put together a very sharp sardine (+ breadcrumbs, garlic and chives) open sandwich straight from the BBQ plate into the hands of folks wanting to have a go! Now apparently the BBQ plate has been cleaned and has been cold for a while because the Vermentino & Sardines tasting stall was absolutely mobbed from 5 pm till just after 7  … when they ran out of sardines! 500 serves of sardines! Sounds like the kids did well.

According to a very excited Sam on the phone, most folks were trying both Vermentino and the sardines for the first time – and they want to get on board with both. “What can we do to help” is the common response when the “V&S” plan is explained. Apparently a lot of people went straight across to the fishmonger stalls in the Adelaide market, and there’s been a massive run on sardines as it looks like folks are going to cook them up themselves! Look out Max Allen – baby steps – but we may put a dent in that extra sardine quota yet! Only 46,997,000 little silver fish to go! From little things – big things come!

So we’re off and running, and Sam will be in Melbourne on Monday to do the second “Vermentino & Sardines … The Musical” event with Max and some other wineries in a double header with the Grossi restaurants – Merchant in the afternoon and Florentino in the evening. Good luck and we’ll be keen to see how it all goes.

PS Sam tells me I haven’t done it all until I’ve tried the Rabbit Pizza at the Sparrow Kitchen & Bar – it’s smoked rabbit with house made BBQ sauce, rosemary & asiago. Always good to have another reason to go down to town.

So have a good weekend and we’ll see ya when it’s Monday.

One response to “Vermentino & Sardines …. Are GO!

  1. This looks fantastic and I’m so pleased that it went well. Who doesn’t love those tasty, tiny fish? And the Yalumba Vermentino is really rather gorgeous. Please can we have some in the UK?! Nice one Sam!

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