Big Murray River Coming

2.55pm, still Friday 14th January 2011, still at Yalumba
I nearly forgot. With all the floods going on up in Queensland, it’s worth bearing in mind that a stack of that water – particularly what’s fallen inland and on the western side of The Great Divide – will be headed our way in South Australia … into the Murray River … eventually. The old timers have a rough rule of thumb that says it takes 3 months for the water to get from the Queensland border down to where our closest points on the Murray are – which would be Blanchetown and Mannum. Well, it was already up and flowing at a rate of knots at Oxford Landing (downstream from Waikerie) at Christmas time, and it’s over the top of the weir now downstream at Blanchetown. The give away for the way the Murray is starting to move further downstream in Mannum is that the red bellied black snakes are noticeably on the march everywhere down there. It’s been dry times for a long time, so if the water’s starting to move the snakes out of their homes, then something is going on already! Watch this space.

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