No the English Cricket Team Hasn’t Left Yet!

3.10pm, Tuesday 11th January 2011, Yalumba clocktower, Angaston, Barossa Valley
Just when you thought the Australian cricket team had been humiliated enough by the Poms retaining the Ashes – there’s more! They’re coming into town tonight and will be playing the Twenty 20 International tomorrow night at Adelaide Oval. Lets be honest, and give the “Sustained Effort for The Ashes Series” award to the Barmy Army – they showed up ready to play every day! Let’s also take the avalanche of jokes about the Australian cricket team coming out at a rate of knots from the UK with a laugh as well. Those Poms have been dreaming these jokes up for years, and now they’ll actually get to use them! Here’s a few of the better ones:

What do you call an Australian with a bat? A vet

What do you call an Australian batsman with sun screen on his face? An optimist

Why can’t the Australian cricket team even do a decent job of celebrating? No bottle and no opener

It’s all too easy. And then there’s one of my English colleagues who reckons that strangely, there seem to be no Australian expatriates working in London right now – they’re all claiming to be New Zealanders to avoid the flak!

I’m not a fan of cricket, but I did watch a bit of The Ashes Series, and in my opinion the English were leaner, fitter, more disciplined, and most importantly – definitely better looking than the Australian side, so obviously deserve the accolades they’re getting now. It will probably be Sir Andrew Strauss by the time I’m back working in England.

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