Lions and Togas and Beers, Oh My!

8.11am, Friday 24th December, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley

Mmm, beer.

Yes folks it’s Christmas Eve, and it’s very, very, quiet at Yalumba this morning. Most folks finished up their year yesterday after the big  Christmas lunch on the winery side lawn, and there’s only a skeleton staff in today – the last day of the 2010 Yalumba working year. But we saw out 2010 well yesterday: Here’s our Tasting Room and Events manager – Steve Lindner – organising the beer for lunch! Steve is the man who often writes the blog when I’m off on holidays or crook – thanks. Whilst we’re talking about the blog, Tony does all the headlines and puts the photos in the right spots, but this morning is going to teach me how to do that myself – another massive technical breakthrough on the way.

Singapore Lion slings through the sidelawn

For the lunch yesterday, there was a dress up theme of ‘What’s New”, and a lot of the departments competed for the prestige and prizes. Our Negociants International entry was the dancing Singapore Lion – because one of the things that is new for us is a joint wine merchant venture in Singapore with Monopole. Caroline and Peta were in charge of the many after-hours arts and crafts sessions involved, and I thought they looked pretty good. That’s our computer-design whiz Ryan up front with the head.

The Cloud

I’ve put in a few random shots of other entries – the Information Services team were ‘The Cloud’, which apparently is some new whiz bang thing that is tied up with the internet. Here they are having their department photo being taken – that’s Graham Baker in the middle!

The Viticulture and Winemaking team came along as some version of the Life Of Brian – but we all reckon they just like the toga party thing! Here’s Walshy & Robin Nettlebeck helping out in the kitchen, Murph – would you put your winery in this man’s hands?, and Ash ‘channelling Russel Crowe in Gladiator’ Radcliff with Freddy “Oxford Landing’s going good” Strachan.

Brian and Robin


Ashley and Fred

Mmmm, ham

There was the presentation of the Wyndham Hill Smith Award (for continuous effort behind the scenes above and beyond the norm) to Brian Linke – in charge of all grounds and gardens over the complete Yalumba estate – and Lawrie Doecke – who has done everything from drive forklifts in despatch to being the Safety Officer. Well done, and enjoy choosing your artwork from Sam’s shop – Hill Smith Fine Art. Then there was the lunch of baked ham, roast beef & turkey from Vintner’s Bar & Grill Peter Clarke – who has featured at various times in the blog this year – here’s the ham just finishing in the oven.

Finally – the stirring Xmas message from Robert – our fearless leader – to keep us chugging away on the rails safely ploughing on through the clouds of doom and gloom around the world’s wine markets. Big day had by all, and everyone safely home.

So today it’s a matter of tidying up, and settling in for the one last sleep before Santa brings all the kids that have been good this year – which is definitely us! – what they’d like for Christmas. Not sure how Santa is going to be able to get Hugh Grant down my chimney … but I live in hope!

So Happy Festive Season, I hope that the New Year is good to you, and I’ll see you all when it’s 2011.

One response to “Lions and Togas and Beers, Oh My!

  1. Great job on the Lions! Grrrr… Hey but watch this! New Age Lion Dance =, its really hilarious and pretty awesome!

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