Old School: A Nice Way to Do Business Toowoomba

9.55am, Townsville Airport, Far North Queensland where it’s extremely humid today, Australia
Picture this, you walk outiside into a wall of heat that smacks you like an invisible fist, and you’re breathing warm water. You’re in Far North Queensland, it’s 9am this morning, and this is the sort of weather that the locals say for as long as it lasts into January or February – they leave their air conditioners going 24 hours a day. Besides allowing them to sleep of a night time, it stops the mould growing inside! I take my hat off to people for just being able to make it through the day – let alone do anything else. But I can’t complain, I’m on my way for the trek home ‘down south’ today, and it’s clear and 21 degrees at home. I’ll be able to get started on the big cleanup after last Tuesday night’s incredible storm front that ripped through the Barossa, dumping 100 mm in 36 hours on an already soggy Valley. I’ll be getting the bulldozer up to re-make the road up my hill – lucky I’ve got a 4-wheel drive in the meantime!

But before I get to that, I want to finish up what we did up here in Queensland. I was a bit flat out the last couple of days, and Thursday morning before we came down the mountain from Toowoomba, we arranged to have breakfast with the Coorey clan – tremendous Yalumba supporters – who own The Spotted Cow pub (est1842) and have a pretty smart wine store as well. Phil couldn’t make it to our dinner because he dislocated his knee in an accident trying to juggle a case of champagne, so being in total knee pain sympathy with the big man – even if he is a Boston Red Sox baseball nutjob – we made a date with the whole family for brekky at another Yalumba outpost in town – Lyn’s Pink Peppercorn.


Because Phil has an egg & sausage spicy tortilla thing he invented on their menu, and I like their scrambled eggs. The Cooreys have extended the dining room at The Cow, and next trip we’ll be doing the new 2006 Rare & Fine Signature and Octavius release up there, and it will be a big night out in town. It’s nice to be able to rotate through our big three homes in Toowoomba – The Cow, The Downs Club and Fibber Magees – and folks go to each other’s events. It’s very ‘old school’, a nice way to do business, and I like it. So once again – thanks Toowoomba and we’ll see you when it’s 2011.

I’m off to Brisbane to wait for my plane to Adelaide, and will catch up what we did in Townsville there.

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