No Lemony Snickering Allowed

Tony B here (the dreaded editor). While Jane is off having her knee tended to, I thought I’d share something that tickles my fancy every year.  Come November, we (read: Wendy and the events crew) gear up for the Seafood Affair, and they call on all of us lax lemon tree owners for help:

“It’s that time of the year again. On Sunday November 21, Yalumba together with Angelakis Bros will be hosting Channel 9 Telethon Seafood Affair, this year there will be 500 people so you know what this means………….lots of seafood so lots of lemons are required!!

“If you have a lemon tree burdened with the weight of too many lemons and willing to donate some for Seafood Affair, the Special Events team is happy to come and pick them. Or if you are able to pick them then deliver to the Yalumba Kitchen that would be appreciated too. Either way, we will be very happy!

“If you are able to help out please let me know and I will arrange a day and time to collect them or for you to deliver them to the kitchen.”

I really do love that practical call out to the community.

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