Yalumba Visits Drovers’ Run (think: McLeod’s Daughters)

10.47am, Monday 18th October, The Clocktower, Yalumba, Angaston, Eden Valley, The Barossa, South Australia

Drovers' Run

There’s definitely still a bit of winter hanging around the Barossa today. It’s still raining this morning, and rained on and off all weekend. We were nice and dry on Saturday though, in the shearing shed at the Drovers’ Run property south west of Tanunda, where they used to film the “McLeod’s Daughters” TV show. Here’s the main building – just as the film crew left it when they walked out.

We were over there to do a tasting for a group of folks on a McLeod’s Daughters-themed weekend – complete with sheep mustering on horseback, quad bike riding lessons, whip cracking demos – and a fantastic video and presentation by the “inventor” of the show – Posie Graeme Evans. She also previwed her new novel, “The Dressmaker”, which definitely looks like another fabulous yarn.

Chef Peter Clarke and the pig on the spit "before"

Pig on the spit "after"

We did our tasting after her presentation, and before dinner – which was spit-roasted pork done by the chef and part owner of Vintner’s Bar & Grill right here in Angaston – Peter Clarke. Here’s Clarkey at 11am in the morning wiring the pig up before going on the spit, and here’s dinner – 7 hours later – about to be carved up.

yFrom our tasting I’d say it was a toss up between the 2008 Bush Vine Grenache and the 2008 Scribbler Cabernet Shiraz for best match with the meat. No disputes at all about what was best in the chilly conditions later on around the big bonfire – the Antique Tawny without a doubt.

You can never tell where we’ll be showing our wines these days, and it was nice to be in our own back yard reliving some of the great moments at Drovers’ Run.

3 responses to “Yalumba Visits Drovers’ Run (think: McLeod’s Daughters)

  1. Hi my family is going to sa next week and u was wondering is it possible for people to go and have a look around?

    • Hi Catlin,
      If you mean visit the winery, absolutely. You can taste our wines and amble through our lawns and gardens. If you mean visit Drovers Run, I’m sorry I don’t know. Cheers, Tony B

  2. Could i please have the address for it so i could maybe come and taste the wine

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