Meanwhile … Kara’s Cupcakes Still Rule!

Is that coconut in front?

3.18pm, Monday 18th October, Still in the Clocktower, Yalumba

Now folks, here’s one to show you what a caring and sharing company you are dealing with when it comes to us. One of our top beanies (numbers man – in charge of important budgets and things), Wayne, was travelling to our USA office near San Francisco, and they welcomed him with the best local goodies they could – a selection of Kara’s Cupcakes! They know that I am absolutely in love with those things, so they sent me this photo attached to an email that said, “Have a look at this”. My immediate reply was “oh oh – that looks like a fluffy new cocnutty new flavour in the front there?” And our gal in the office Suzanne, in charge of getting things to where they have to go, sent me this really helpful reply:

“It’s actually a vanilla … wait a minute, I’ll have a bite and tell you …”

And that was it. She probably ploughed her way through several – I would have!

For the record, the new flavour is COCONUT: ‘a vanilla cupcake with coconut cream cheese frosting’. And it does look very fluffy. Yum. Definitely need a Kara’s to open in the Barossa. I might write to them and see what they think – stranger things have happened!

2 responses to “Meanwhile … Kara’s Cupcakes Still Rule!

  1. Hmm…did you try Georgetown Cupcakes while you were in DC last year?
    I, daresay, they rival Kara’s. Let’s plan a taste-test when you are here Spring 2011!

  2. Oh Jane it’s not the same having Karas without you, they’re still delicious though!

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