Good News Start Today!

8.55am, Wednesday 13th October, The Clocktower, Yalumba, Eden Valley , The Barossa, South Australia
Here’s a top way to start your day today folks – our good mates the Magnall clan from Fisherman’s Retreat in the Ramsbottom region, up in Lancashire, England, are celebrating big time right now! I had a phone call last night, from a very excited grandad Hervey senior, to tell me that Susie and Hervey junior are now the proud parents of a 5 1/2 pound baby boy. The little tacker is yet to be named, but I’m already making a case for how important it is for him to have an Italian godmother – which would be me! Susie and all the boys are doing well, and Jansz and flowers are on their way from our English office as I write this – thanks Val!

And meanwhile here at home in the Barossa, we had a lovely soaking rain yesterday and last night with a cool breeze behind it – just the top up we like to see at this time of the year as all the buds are pushing out – not just on the grapevines, but all the fruit trees in the orchards next door as well.

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