Second Last Day In London!

7.29pm, Thursday 1st October,London Bridge, London, England, UK
Dragging my chain on a drizzly old London day doing the wash up of the last three week’s work in England, Wales and Scotland, and setting up the program of events for next year. Also all the domestic stuff getting packed up for tomorrow night’s flight home.

Almost thought about getting saturated over at Leadenhall Market this morning where fab English actor Michael Caine was signing his new book “The Elephant to Hollywood” – about growing up in the not so glam part of London the Elephant & Castle. But we didn’t. Mind you, those sort of opportunities don’t always happen in the sleepy town of Angaston – where I’ll be in roughly 48 hours or so. Actually, they never happen. Should have gone really – I thought he was great in everything from “Shaka Zulu” to “Children Of Men”. Next trip.

3 responses to “Second Last Day In London!

  1. Safe journey home Jane ! Hope to see you in February!!

    Karen n Dave xx

  2. “Bull & Last” .. great food & it is my local; especially worth a visit after walking with my adorable canine friend.

    Today I was fortunate to sit on a table adjacent to Jane & her friends. What a ‘chance meeting’ & being a ‘food holic’ and ‘grape drinker’ made our chance encounter even more the ‘wild card’.

    Jane heads to Australia tonight & I’m leaving home tomorrow, together with my canine buddy at 5am for our 12 hour journey by car to the wonderful vineyards around Bordeaux. Pomerols, St Emilion & many of the other wonderful terroir regions will be shared with the foie gras, duck and mushroom dishes of the fabulous Aquitaine region.

  3. Thanks Jeremiah – if you see something that we might be interested in as you fossick around Bordeaux with the hound – let us know. Especially something seasonal that we wouldn’t see at home. And next time we’re working an event in London, we’ll get you along. Travel safe


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