Survived the Haggis – tick that box!

6.43am, Monday 27th September, The Grassmarket, Edinburgh Old Town, Scotland, UK

This is a bit more like the Edinburgh we expected – drizzly, grey, overcast and cold. But that’s not going to take the shine off my first time with the Haggis – the “don’t ask and we won’t tell you what’s in it” deep fried bundle of offal and oats that is Scotland’s acknowledged ‘national dish’. I reckon it’s not bad at all, and that’s before I tried it with brown and tomato sauce. See the ‘after’ pic ! I had a chat to the boys at The Castle Rock take away and they reckon their method is the best – mine was like a large sausage roll that had a big spoonfull of porridge oats added then given a thin coat of fish batter and deep fried. Not bad at all! And only £2.50. Down the cobblestoned way a bit is The White Hart Inn – Edinburgh’s Oldest Pub est 1516 – and they’ve got a ‘taster portion’ of ” Haggis Tatties & Neeps ” which translates to Chieftain haggis with mashed potatoes, bashed turnips and the pub’s own whisky sauce – all for £ 3.99. That might me a ‘must try’ before we leave. Now today myself and the ‘gel of the North’ – Helen who looks after things up this way for us – are going out to work with Wine Importers who are our new Scottish distributor, so this evening I should have more Edinburgh adventuring to write up. Off to grab breakfast first, and I’ll try and get the Southern Roadtrip II out of the way with the Portsmouth stop before heading out.

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