Safely from Ramsbottom to Edinburgh

9.07pm, The Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Just wanted to let you know we made it in one piece from Fisherman’s Retreat at Ramsbottom last night to the capital of tartan country up here in Edinburgh. That included a bit of a dogleg across the North Yorkshire moors to the tiny hamlet of Sandsend, just north of Whitby on the west coast of England – where we nearly got blown away in the gale, trying to drop in and visit David and Tim at Estbek House – our Yalumba fortress up there in Bram Stoker country.

So I’ve jumped on this computer in a cafe for a quick check in, as I’m off for an early night and a 5am wake up call so that I can nip down to the local Walkabout bar to see my mighty Saints boys go up against the evil Collingwood empire in the AFL Grand Final. Go Sainters!

2 responses to “Safely from Ramsbottom to Edinburgh

  1. Jane;
    As always it was great to see you, & thank-you for dropping in … take care and see you soon,
    D,T & All the gang!

  2. Hi Jane,
    its a blast from the past, – racing enthusiast and fan of Jan – Jimmy Ryan. Was speaking to Rhonda some time ago and she mentioned you have this blog so here is my response. I really hope you are well and as always enjoying life to the fullest. I still have very fond memories of Yalumba nights. Go Saints, I don’t know many Saints supporters (besides Molly) and I’m feeling for you…..because your on the other side of the world – never thought you would miss the GF ……and a draw too, would be great if they went 1 point better for the replay.
    The silly season is nearing, it would be great to catch up, take care – J.R

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