Flying Up the Motorways to Cumbria

9.02pm, Holbeck Ghyll Country House Hotel, Holbeck Lane, Windemere, Cumbria, Great Britain
We spent seven hours today flying up the ‘M’ motorways from Portsmouth in the south of England  up to Windemere in the middle of The Lakes District up here in Cumbria. Right now I’ve jumped onto the computer at Holbeck Ghyll, with main course having just been served for a group of local on-premise or restaurant trade.  We’ve paired up three cabernet shiraz blends – 2008 Scribbler, 2005 The Signature and 2001 The Reserve – with ‘End of Cumbria Lamb’,  which has come out as small fillets surrounded by baby carrots and porcini mushrooms. The room has gone silent, so I reckon the combination is working!

PS Holbeck Ghyll is this fabulous old stately building perched on the side of a proper leafy green forested bluff, behind miles and miles of lichen covered stacked bluestone walls that mark the boundaries through this part of the world. All timber and glassware polished within an inch of it’s life, and we’re being looked after beautifully  by Stefan the Sommelier. I better get back to dinner before I’m missed …

PPS I also have heaps to tell from our sensational day and night yesterday in Portsmouth. Stay with me!

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