Belting Across the Severn

6.23pm, Wednesday 15th September, Somerset Place, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
Made it! We have an event here at Morgan’s Hotel in Swansea tonight, and we have just come belting across the Severn Bridge from England into Wales, after starting the day this morning in Dartmouth, Devon. Well driven today by The Lady Crowther – from cart tracks to four-lane motorways.

I have so much to tell! Last night with our host James Brown – not the soul singer, but with his own very smooth food and wine moves – from Browns Hotel in Dartmouth put on a red hot consumer dinner. I’ll rave on about that in its own entry, then continue raving about Will and Jasmine from the Anchorstone Cafe, still on the River Dart but along and around a bit of an elbow. Then a quick rave about our home in Bristol – Avery Wines est 1793 – will bring us up to our event this evening. But I’ll have to do all that first thing tomorrow, otherwise I’ll be late across the road!

See ya when it’s Thursday and we’ll be staying in Wales another day.

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