All the London Buzz

9.11am, Monday 14th September, London Bridge, London, England, United Kingdom
Good morning folks, and just before I check out and head south of the city, there’s a couple of things I wanted to let you know about.

First, as we went past Buckingham Palace yesterday, the flag was up, so that means the Queen was in. Not surprising, seeing as how London is just buzzing with end of summer celebrations and exhibitions. There are queues for everything everywhere – like for the Butterfly Explorer house at the Natural History Museum, or ‘Victoria & Albert : Art & Love ‘ at the Queen’s own gallery. Then tonight it will be film fan and papparazzi central in Leicester Square when Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Eva Mendez will be on the red carpet for the premiere of the new movie “The Other Guys”.

The other thing is the giant Jack and the Beanstalk steel and glass engineering marvel that is pushing skywards right next to where I’m staying, just around from the London Bridge Railway Station. It’s called The Shard – and from the photos of what the London skyline will look like once the project is completed, it’s been called that after a ‘shard’ of glass. This is an ammzing building that apparently will be a ‘vertical city’ where 7,000 people will live and work, and it will sit just back off the Thames between London Bridge and Tower Bridge. There will be hotels, restaurants, residential areas, office space and ‘vertical gardens ‘ – all serviced by an intricate set of state-of-the-art lifts. I was standing underneath the whole thing this morning – looking up – and it’s hard to visualise such a thing, but it’s underway. Apparently the architect – Renzo Piano – came up with the dramatic look of the building after being inspired by the ships masts and building spires of a medeival London view of the Thames and riverside skyline. Pretty wild, and it’s certainly keeping an ant hill of folks working – not to mention how busy the food and coffee places in the area are.

Good thing is that Borough Market is just over the road, so we won’t run out of food or coffee this lifetime! I’ll dive over there for  a visit and take some photos so you don’t miss out on that – when I get back up to London at the end of the week. Just a visit to the temple of cheese – Neal’s Yard Dairy – over there is worth  the trip on its own.

So I’ll pack this away and hit the road, and we’ll see you when we’re in Devon – home of amazing fudge, toffee, and “A Horseman Riding By” (by Delderfield for the bookworms).

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