Morning Full of Floating Planes

6.12am, London Bridge, London, England, UK
Just properly landed into the local time zone folks, and got 8 hours sleep last night – yay! So up early, at first light this morning I poked my nose out of the window to see what sort of a day London is going to serve up, and it’s going to be one of those ‘last days of summer’ specials! Clear sky with just a couple of puff ball clouds, then … this is the first time ever for me … one by one … aeroplanes started to float past … all shapes and sizes … at about 34 to 36 seconds separation. I’m watching the morning peak hour corkscrew spiral landing pattern for Heathrow out in west London, and these planes are only at about 300 feet up, and it’s like a synchronised display of lovely big flying metal bits that I’ve been watching for the last half hour – and didn’t want you to miss out.

Always worth remembering – mornings are the best part of the day – don’t miss ’em!

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