Go Wallabies!

11.14am, Saturday 11th September, London Bridge, London, England, United Kingdom
Riveted to the TV over here in central London watching the Wallabies take it right up to the All Blacks in the last of the Tri Nations games – playing in Sydney right now! Our good mate fearless Phil Kearns is calling the game tonight and is really fired up – hope the Wallabies go as well as he is!

Came across to London from Dublin yesterday morning, and before I get going on the English leg of the adventure, I want to finish the Irish story because we had a magic run over there that finished so well – aptly – at The Hole In The Wall. So I’ll sign off for a bit , watch the rugby, see if there’s any chance we can actually knock the All Blacks off, and come back and finish off the Dublin chapter of the story.

Go Wallabies!

2 responses to “Go Wallabies!

  1. Drinking warm beer? Don’t smack it

  2. No…..warm beer is just not good for you. Nor is watching the All Blacks keep belting us. But I still believe….come 2011 the Webb Ellis will be ours!!I’ll be Luna Park looks pretty all lit up on Sydney Harbour tonight


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